7 Tips for Marketing On a Small Budget

7 Tips for Marketing On a Small Budget

Being the little guy can be tough, particularly in the marketing game. Without a giant startup budget, it can feel almost impossible to get your name out there, especially when you’re comparing yourself to the big players in the industry. Little cash can still have a big marketing impact; you’ll just have to think a […]

4 Best Types of Video to Launch Your Product--IDR Productions

4 Best Types of Videos to Launch Your Product

It takes a painstakingly long time to perfect your product or service. Once you’ve got it down, you couldn’t be more excited to get it out to the market and your consumers. But when you’re marketing your latest launch, how can you excite consumers into action? The answer is a series of online videos each […]

6 Video Tips We Can Learn From Infomercials

6 Video Tips We Can Learn From Infomericals

Infomercials are far from the outdated hard sell that many have made it out to be. They may not hold the glamorous appeal short-form videos do, but here’s the thing: infomercials work. They bring in millions of dollars a year, even though they’re primarily aired in the middle of the night. How is this possible? […]

DRTV Optimized

DRTV Optimized

What do people usually do after they’ve viewed a DRTV commercial? (a) Buy vast quantities of the advertised product or service. (b) Rush to the fridge to load up on snacks. OR (c) Seek more information. Most advertisers hope the answer is (a) Buy vast quantities of the advertised product or service. But the correct […]

Are You Repurposing Your Videos?

Video Marketing: Are You Repurposing Your Videos?

Video marketing may be one of the most underestimated tools in the industry. Most would assume that once a video has served its primary purpose, it then becomes unusable. These people are wrong. Video can quickly become one of your best marketing tactics once you learn the art of repurposing. Repurposing is reusing the video […]

The Future of Online Video

The Future of Online Video

If we had a time machine, our team could jump forward and glimpse what the future holds for online video production. Well, IDR Productions has resources galore at its disposal, but a time-hopping machine isn’t one of them. Nevertheless, we do have experience, expertise, vision, and plenty of facts on which to build sound predictions […]

6 Production Ground Rules for Client Feedback

6 Production Ground Rules for Managing Client Feedback

Just When You Though it Was Safe to Broadcast… You Want WHAT?! It happens to virtually every producer of DRTV and TV ads. You’re days away from broadcasting a painstakingly-crafted TV ad or infomercial. You and your client are in complete agreement. All systems are go. The brand is set to soar. And then it happens […]

Hidden Powers of Online Video Ads

Studies Reveal Hidden Powers of Online Video Ads

For eons, it seems, advertisers have harnessed the power of online video ads to boost brand awareness. And to no one’s surprise, these videos delivered – viewers knew all about your products and services thanks to the unstoppable force of online exposure. What many marketers didn’t know, however, is that online brand videos contained many […]

How To Capture Micro Moments With Video Marketing

How to Capture Micro Moments with Video Marketing

In the contemporary marketing sphere, the consumer journey is comprised of fleeting micro moments – a brief interval of time providing quick information that can be absorbed or acted upon instantaneously. Internet users, particularly those connected to mobile devices, have come to expect these instant info-deliveries. It’s part of the experience. Video on a Personal […]


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