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Jun 27, 2016

4 Best Types of Videos to Launch Your Product

It takes a painstakingly long time to perfect your product or service. Once you’ve got it down, you couldn’t be more excited to get it out to the market and your consumers. But when you’re marketing your latest launch, how can you excite consumers into action? The answer is a series of online videos each specifically designed to draw a different aspect of costumer’s attention. Put out these videos, and customers will flock to you new product. Here are the 4 videos you should be using to launch your product:

  1. The Pain Point Sizzle: If there were ever a time to hit hard, this would be it. Consumers at this point know little to nothing about your product, so you need to give them a reason to stick around. Most do this through hitting the “pain point”, finding some issue or nuisance in consumer’s lives that your product or service can fix. There’s no need to go into excessive details about your product right now; you’ll have time for that in later videos. Instead, you want to really hone in on that pain point and what it means for your consumers. Why is this issue such an issue? Why should your consumers want to fix the problem at all? Once you have them hooked, it’s time to introduce your brand and product’s solution to that problem. Prove to them that you’re worth their time investment. Bring in real-life customers and stories to show you’re more than just talk. Most importantly, give them a solid reason to watch future videos.
  2. The Hard Proof: You’ve laid the foundation for your product, now it’s time to delve into the details. You have to hit them with the proof. This is the time to go in-depth on your proof points and testimonials. Visual elements are absolutely vital to this segment. Paint a picture that walks consumers through the struggle seen in your testimonials. Even if you’re your own spokesperson, don’t be afraid to walk customers through a personal story. Set the scene with yourself facing the same struggle you presented to your customers in the first video. Then visually demonstrate how your product or service changed your life. This is just as much, if not more, about show than tell. As with the first video, tease what’s coming next for you. Mention that there’s still more to this story, then reveal when they can get the rest.4 Best Types of Videos to Launch Your Product--IDR Productions
  3.  The Life Improvement: You’ve had your consumers around for a bit, so get personal. You’ve shown them how greatly the product changed lives in the past video. But unless your consumers can see themselves having their lives changed, there’s a slim to none chance they’ll choose your brand. You have to make them envision improvement in their own lives. Like the last video, visual elements are going to be the make or break here. Show them the complete extermination of the problem you’ve been presenting for so long. Paint a picture of how much happier and fulfilled their lives will be once this problem is eliminated. Show that your product or service is the only solution that fixes the problem for them. Then, tease like you’ve never teased before. Tell them that in your final video, you’ll be showing them how they can get their hands on your product. You’ve given them all the details, now it’s time to show them the actual goods.
  4. The Bare-All Offer: You’ve done the perfect job setting up your product. You’ve shown your consumers the horrendousness of some problem in their lives, introduced your product, and given customers the external and internal proof needed to convince them. The only thing you have left to do is to actually pitch the product offer. This is the time to going fully into detail on what’s included with your offer. Detail how each part works to solve the consumer’s problems. Then hit them with your call to action. Whatever approach you decide to take to your CTA, you need to prompt an almost-immediate response. Don’t give them time to forget about you. Remind them that the problem they’re experiencing isn’t going to just go away. Any privilege you were planning on giving to your consumers should be mentioned here. Are you giving them a discount? Bonus gifts? A special shipping price? Get creative here, as your pitch is the final thing standing between consumers and a purchase. If you can hook them on the pitch, you may just find yourself with a few new customers.

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