Finding your niche market to sell to customers and increase your business revenue
by kburke 28/06/2018 0 comm

How to Find Your Niche Market for Better Sales and Success in 4 Steps

Finding the perfect niche for your business is daunting; we admit it. But without it, your brand has no chance of making a name for itself in the complex scheme of businesses today. Read on for our how-to guide on finding your niche market.   What is a niche? Before we begin, it’s important to […]

How to use psychology to sell to consumers, psychological sales tactics
by kburke 22/06/2018 0 comm

3 Tips on Using Psychology to Sell – Inside the Consumer Mind

Determining how to best sell to your consumers is one of the most difficult parts of your strategy. But what if we told you that you could use the power of psychology to sell consumers on your brand? It turns out basic psychology holds the key to gaining consumer trust and making sales. Read on […]

How to Create an effective video marketing strategy. Video production and marketing strategies that sell.
by kburke 07/06/2018 0 comm

How to Create An Effective Video Marketing Strategy in 2018

A video marketing strategy is essential to creating video content that serves a purpose. But how do you develop a working, flexible video strategy? Here’s everything you need to create a video marketing strategy that’ll make your company proud.   Determine what your video Marketing Strategy will accomplish. The most vital step in creating a […]

creating buyer personas for marketing strategy video marketing strategy
by kburke 31/05/2018 0 comm

How to Create Buyer Personas for Your Marketing Strategy

Creating buyer personas is more than just a fun marketing exercise; it’s an essential practice to creating marketing and video collateral that works. But what is a buyer persona? How do you create them? Here’s everything you need to know about creating buyer personas for your marketing strategy.   What is a buyer persona? In […]

Facebook video ads marketing video video advertisement how to
by kburke 23/05/2018 0 comm

Facebook Video Ads – How to Create a Facebook Marketing Video That Sells

We all know that Facebook video ads are the way of the marketing future. By 2020, it’s estimated that 75% of mobile traffic will be video-based. Facebook will prove to be the key to video ads with its 1.45 billion daily users. Want to get in on the action? Here’s everything you need to know […]

sell a boring product with marketing video production
by kburke 17/05/2018 0 comm

How to Sell a “Boring” Product with Effective and Exciting Marketing

We have a secret for you: most products in the world aren’t that glamorous. The Nikes and the Apples of the world are outliers, not the rule. Some products just aren’t that exciting, but serve an important need or service. So how do you market a “boring” product? We’ve got all the tips you need […]

brands take a stand political issues in advertisements and brand image

Should Brands Take a Stand: Talking Politics and Social Issues in Brand Image

In an increasingly intense and divisive social climate, one question has stood out in company boardrooms: Should brands take a stand on political and social issues? What are the complications of doing so? Do consumers even care? We’ve taken a look at whether your next advertising video should include your brand taking a stand.   […]

YouTube SEO, brand marketing, brand building, SEO basics, SEO for videos
by kburke 01/05/2018 0 comm

YouTube SEO: How to Get Your Videos Seen on YouTube

YouTube is more than just a platform for vloggers and funny home videos; it’s the second largest search engine behind its parent company, Google. Ranking high for YouTube SEO is essential to getting your video seen and promoting your brand. Here’s exactly how to rank for YouTube SEO:   Do your keyword research. Before you […]

video marketing why you need brand strategy
by kburke 23/04/2018 0 comm

Why You Need Video Marketing in Your Strategy

Even though video is predicted to control an astounding 90% of Internet traffic by 2019, an alarming number of brands and companies are hesitant to jump on the video marketing bandwagon. Many think that video marketing is too costly and complicated. Others think that video marketing isn’t worth the effort. Both are sorely mistaken. Here’s […]

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