What is DRTV?

4 Best Types of Video to Launch Your Product--IDR Productions

4 Best Types of Videos to Launch Your Product

It takes a painstakingly long time to perfect your product or service. Once you’ve got it down, you couldn’t be more excited to get it out to the market and your consumers. But when you’re marketing your latest launch, how can you excite consumers into action? The answer is a series of online videos each […]

6 Video Tips We Can Learn From Infomercials

6 Video Tips We Can Learn From Infomericals

Infomercials are far from the outdated hard sell that many have made it out to be. They may not hold the glamorous appeal short-form videos do, but here’s the thing: infomercials work. They bring in millions of dollars a year, even though they’re primarily aired in the middle of the night. How is this possible? […]

DRTV Optimized
by kburke 13/06/2016 0 comm

DRTV Optimized

What do people usually do after they’ve viewed a DRTV commercial? (a) Buy vast quantities of the advertised product or service. (b) Rush to the fridge to load up on snacks. OR (c) Seek more information. Most advertisers hope the answer is (a) Buy vast quantities of the advertised product or service. But the correct […]

DRTVs House of Fulfillment

DRTV Fulfillment: One Serious Link in the DRTV Chain

DRTV’s House of Fulfillment You’ve done the legwork, you’ve unleashed your DRTV campaign, and it’s hit a soaring home run with all those well-targeted viewers. So how will you convert that bonanza of popularity into a healthy ROI? Somehow, some way, you’ll need a direct connection to your loving audience. A two-way street flowing with […]

Profit with a Solid Online-DRTV Connection
by kburke 04/01/2016 0 comm

Profit from a Solid Online-DRTV Connection

What is the most common course of action for people who respond to DRTV commercials? No, their fingers don’t fly to the nearest phone to place a call. According to industry statistics, more than 50% of these responders jump to the advertiser’s website. Their objective? Dive deeper for more product info. Given the magnetic power […]

Can You Predict DRTV Success?

Can You Predict DRTV Success?

How do you reduce the risk of uncertainty when rolling out a DRTV campaign? Many, if not most, marketers rely on some sort of forecasting methodology, one of the most prominent being DRTV testing. Getting a preview of audience response, according to a common belief, provides marketers with a fairly accurate way to judge the […]

DRTV: Long-Form, Short-Form Dilemma
by kburke 23/12/2015 0 comm

DRTV: The Long-Form, Short Form Dilemma

When it comes to DRTV campaigns, many if not most brands wonder what offers the best return on investment – infomercial or short-form? The answer is a combination of both. Since each has its particular purpose and advantages, long-form and short-form work optimally when integrated as an overall DRTV campaign strategy. Many companies will scream […]

Put Your DRTV Campaign on the Right Track
by kburke 16/12/2015 0 comm

Put Your DRTV Campaign on the Right Track

Once a DRTV campaign is underway, marketers naturally want to know the score. This generally means tracking inbound traffic. For many years, the preferred tracking channel was the phone call. The more voice responses pouring in, the better. Or so the thinking went. But times have changed. The once-mighty phone call is now sharing the […]

Social Media, Programmatic TV and Mobile by Peter Koeppel

We asked our friend Peter Koeppel, Founder/President of Koeppel Direct, a full-service direct response marketing agency, to share his insights on the integration of social media, programmatic TV, mobile and the direct response industry.  Here are his comments in their entirety. Social Media Nielsen research has suggested that 8 out of 10 U.S. TV viewers use their […]

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