How To Capture Micro Moments With Video Marketing
Mar 22, 2016

How to Capture Micro Moments with Video Marketing

In the contemporary marketing sphere, the consumer journey is comprised of fleeting micro moments – a brief interval of time providing quick information that can be absorbed or acted upon instantaneously. Internet users, particularly those connected to mobile devices, have come to expect these instant info-deliveries. It’s part of the experience.

Video on a Personal Level

Video has gotten incredibly personal in recent years. Thanks to mobile devices, everyone in a given living space can watch exactly what they want, when they want. Think of the peace this brings to the average household, especially those with families. No more multi-front battles between mother, father, brother, and sister over television viewing choices. Mobile devices provide complete personal viewing freedom – a football game, cooking show, sitcom, and dance-off all can be on and enjoyed simultaneously.

But viewing choice is not limited to content alone. Where that content is consumed also is a matter of personal choice – your room, the den, patio, etc. Smartphones and tablets leave these questions up to individual preference.

Micro Moments in the World of Video Marketing

As with other types of marketing communications, mobile video marketing must accommodate the current hunger for micro moments. People want their info, and they want it now. But they want it delivered in a certain way. Finding that way requires video marketers to understand the different types of micro moments.

The Four Video Micro Moments

For video marketers, micro moments can be divided into four categories, each representing a different viewer intent.

  • Personal – Content relates to personal interest.
  • Educational – Content provides knowledge about a particular topic.
  • Instructional – Content offers instruction on how to do or make something
  • Purchase-Oriented – Content allows viewers to see or experience a product before buying.


Three Strategies for Making Micro Moments Relevant to Consumers

By implementing the following strategies, video marketers can answer the crucial question related to micro moments – What is the intent of the target audience?

  1. Define the Micro-Moment Intersection Point

This is the moment when viewer goals and brand goals perfectly align. To define this interval, marketers must know consumer needs, questions, and goals, as well as when these consumers are conducting their info-searches. Identifying this critical point requires substantial research into search habits. You may discover, for instance, that most audience searches focus on how-to videos. Clearly, your brand would best satisfy this need by offering relevant how-to content and tutorials.

  1. Time Videos to Audience Search Habits

Audience-relevant content won’t take your brand very far if it arrives too early or too late. As in sports and investing, timing is everything when it comes to video micro moments. Marketers must learn when their target audiences are doing their info-hunting and ensure their brand videos show up in searches at these crucial times.

  1. Reach the Non-Searchers

What about the times when people aren’t searching for specific video info? Must you remain invisible during these periods? Not at all. Marketers have other means for pinpointing consumer intent. Case in point is TrueView advertising, the skippable ad format hosted by YouTube. Clearly, viewers who elect to watch rather than skip your ad have an interest in your content. It’s up to you to capitalize on that interest.

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