DRTV Re-Sized
May 26, 2015

DRTV Re-Sized

While ever-widening TV screens are hogging more and more living room space, there’s a force pulling in the opposite direction. And the pull is taking DRTV down, down, down to the smaller, mobile screen. How do we know? Because we’re a cutting-edge Orange County video production company, thank you. One of the latest small-screen marvels we’ve discovered is the aptly-named ‘minimercial’.

And why not? We’ve had mini mice, skirts, and even me’s. It was only a matter of time before video commercials joined the club. As its name implies, the minimercial is short, sweet, and very shoppable. It’s an infomercial intended solely for those deliciously compact mobile screens.

Primary targets for the minimercial? You guessed it – Millennials. Prepared especially for them, the minimercial is a condensed DRTV package that entertains first, and sells second. Hence, the inclusion of popular performers in many of these micro-productions. The hope is that these short n’sweet vids will stimulate the binge-watching so prominent among the Millennial demo.

Spearheading the development of minimercials is MikMak, a shopping app for accessories, gadgets, homeware, and a slew of other merchandise. Thanks to the app, customers get major convenience plus deep discounts — goods generally remain below the $100 mark. In the tradition of DRTV, the app features pop-up flash sales. These provide major incentives to reluctant shoppers, who can grab big savings if they buy ‘in the next few minutes.’ Sound familiar?

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