TV Commercials Show They’re Still the One
May 19, 2015

TV Commercials Show They’re Still the One

Television advertising … where it is and where it’s going. Knowing the twists and turns of this tricky territory has helped propel IDR Productions to a leadership position among video production companies in Orange County. One of the most fascinating glimpses at TV advertising is provided by a recent study.

Just when the world thought that the stalwarts of broadcast – infomercials and TV commercials, were being shoved aside by digital media, along comes a wave of surprises uncovered by Innerscope Research. According to its findings, conventional TV commercials are four times as engaging as those seen on Facebook.

The research pulled out all the stops. Employed in the process was some serious biometric monitoring, which keeps track of heart rate, skin conductance, and breathing patterns. Also utilized were eye-tracking, as well as conventional survey tools. Aged 18-34, the participants saw identical video ads on Facebook, television, PC, tablet, and smartphone.

The research revealed that people have ‘higher visual attention’ when viewing brand messaging via TV commercial. Innerscope surmised that larger television screens made for longer attention spans. Apparently, viewer focus declines as screen size diminishes.

Of course, small screens are still proving themselves worthy attention-getters. But ads presented in compact form must do their thing quickly. As Innerscope pointed out, emotional impact tops out during the first 3-5 seconds of a small screen video.
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