Social Media Gets Action-Packed With DRTV
Jun 25, 2015

Social Media Gets Action-Packed With DRTV

Marketers now can count on major action when they link DRTV and social media campaigns. Credit Facebook’s recently-implemented Call-To-Action feature. This snappy addition is available to any brand with a Facebook Business page.

So what does the new feature do? It’s main purpose is to drive users to a designated video or other info resource. Doesn’t matter if it’s a native upload or link to a hosting site such as YouTube or Vimeo. The CTA sends folks exactly where you want them to go. Whether or not they watch, of course, is up to the DRTV video you’ve paired with the social media site. So make sure it’s suitably engaging.

The Facebook CTA feature puts plenty of control in the hands of brands. Business page owners have the power to set up and edit the CTA button according to their personal preferences. When users click the button, they get a drop-down with these choices: Shop Now, Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Sign Up, and Watch Video. The video selection sends people flying straight to the page displaying your DRTV or any other kind of video. Conveniently, the Facebook CTA button is located beside the ‘Like’ button. So the two can work hand in hand.

Don’t worry about a time drain. It’s super easy to set up Facebook’s CTA feature. We’re talking a few seconds.

If you have questions or thoughts about pairing DRTV videos with social media, please leave a comment for our team.

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