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How to Create an effective video marketing strategy. Video production and marketing strategies that sell.
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How to Create An Effective Video Marketing Strategy in 2018

A video marketing strategy is essential to creating video content that serves a purpose. But how do you develop a working, flexible video strategy? Here’s everything you need to create a video marketing strategy that’ll make your company proud.   Determine what your video Marketing Strategy will accomplish. The most vital step in creating a […]

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YouTube SEO: How to Get Your Videos Seen on YouTube

YouTube is more than just a platform for vloggers and funny home videos; it’s the second largest search engine behind its parent company, Google. Ranking high for YouTube SEO is essential to getting your video seen and promoting your brand. Here’s exactly how to rank for YouTube SEO:   Do your keyword research. Before you […]

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Why You Need Video Marketing in Your Strategy

Even though video is predicted to control an astounding 90% of Internet traffic by 2019, an alarming number of brands and companies are hesitant to jump on the video marketing bandwagon. Many think that video marketing is too costly and complicated. Others think that video marketing isn’t worth the effort. Both are sorely mistaken. Here’s […]

Likes, Comments, Shares: Which Social Metrics Actually Matter?

Likes, Comments, Shares: Which Social Metrics Actually Matter?

With so many social metrics involved in the analysis and number crunching of social media, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Which social metrics should you pay attention to? What are social metrics? Read on for your guide to dealing with social metrics on your next video advertisement. What are social metrics? Social metrics are any […]

5 Reasons Why Using Emotion in Commercials Sells

5 Reasons Why Using Emotion in Commercials Sells

Let’s be clear: when deciding what your commercial should be about in pre-production, you’ll want to show off your product’s best features. But there’s something else you need to focus on: the emotions you’re trying to evoke. Why does emotion matter so much if the demonstrations of your product features are spot on? Read on […]

7 Tips For Adding Video to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

7 Tips For Adding Video to Your Digital Marketing Strategy

With all the benefits of utilizing digital video content, it’s no wonder brands are turning to it more and more to attract their customers. Video keeps consumers around longer, and it increases CTR by 65%. Video is also a low-barrier program, meaning companies big and small can pick it up without a problem. For a […]

Are You Repurposing Your Videos?

Video Marketing: Are You Repurposing Your Videos?

Video marketing may be one of the most underestimated tools in the industry. Most would assume that once a video has served its primary purpose, it then becomes unusable. These people are wrong. Video can quickly become one of your best marketing tactics once you learn the art of repurposing. Repurposing is reusing the video […]

How To Capture Micro Moments With Video Marketing
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How to Capture Micro Moments with Video Marketing

In the contemporary marketing sphere, the consumer journey is comprised of fleeting micro moments – a brief interval of time providing quick information that can be absorbed or acted upon instantaneously. Internet users, particularly those connected to mobile devices, have come to expect these instant info-deliveries. It’s part of the experience. Video on a Personal […]

3 Ways to Create Impactful Video Content
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3 Ways to Create Impactful Video Content

It’s practically front page news … online video marketing is hotter than a meteor shower. Look around, and you’ll likely see at least one devotee glued to a mobile device, feasting on a banquet of YouTube masterpieces. Yes, people are devouring video. How large are their appetites? Well, on YouTube alone, users are uploading 72 […]

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