3 Ways to Create Impactful Video Content
Feb 08, 2016

3 Ways to Create Impactful Video Content

It’s practically front page news … online video marketing is hotter than a meteor shower. Look around, and you’ll likely see at least one devotee glued to a mobile device, feasting on a banquet of YouTube masterpieces.

Yes, people are devouring video. How large are their appetites? Well, on YouTube alone, users are uploading 72 hours-worth of videos per minute. Per minute! Now consider all the other popular platforms such as Facebook, Daily Motion, and scores of others, and you’ve got one major marketing force to reckon with.

Do you still question the video force? Are you one of the skeptics married to the traditional? Well, consider these eye-openers:

  • Visitors spend 88% more time on websites that feature video.
  • Video increases organic search engine traffic by a hefty 157%.
  • Users are 46% more likely to look for product information after viewing a related video.
  • Users are 85% more likely to make a purchase after viewing a brand video.
  • Video gives consumers 57% more confidence in their online purchases.

Yes, your brand needs to harness the video force. Because if you’re out of the loop, you’re out of luck. Video is driving leads, sales, ROI, and anything else of interest to marketers. But the question looms – with all that video activity roaring through cyberspace, how does a brand shout loud enough to be heard? As with any other marketing message, the key is offering something of value to the consumer.

3 Ways to Create Impactful Video Content

With that in mind, here are three strategies for creating high-value video content:

1) Open Your Ears

Whether you’re crafting a long-form infomercial or lightning-quick explainer video, you’re probably making tons of noise. Flinging ideas, throwing out concepts, bouncing off walls with excitement. All well and good. Creative energy is indispensable. But — and this is huge — before the fireworks, did you step back, open your ears, and listen to your customers?

You should have. Customer thoughts, attitudes, fears, joys, and all the other psychological components are your building blocks; the foundation of any sound video marketing campaign. Your DRTV production, TV commercial, or any other video must reflect and embody their deepest thoughts and desires. Eloquently express what consumers believe and think, and you’ll make many friends. Never forget — what’s important to them is important to your brand.

Most likely, you don’t have time to meet each of your prospects for a session of deep psychological probing. However, you can acquire needed info via numerous convenient avenues. All should be familiar to you:

  • Social Media
  • Surveys
  • FAQs on your website
  • Online Searches

2) Create Synergy

In the mad rush to know the hearts and minds of consumers, don’t leave somebody very important on the sidelines. That important somebody is YOU. Your brand has its own priorities and objectives, probably arrived at after years (and maybe decades) of in-depth research, careful planning, and an occasional shouting match. It’s what you are and what you stand for. The key is bringing what you are and what consumers are into perfect harmony.

Effective video content merges the two mindsets – yours and theirs – with seamless and unnoticeable precision. If it looks like you’re paying heed to both sides, the effort will be obvious. You’ll look like a magician who’s muffed a trick. And that will sour audiences.

The art of creating video content is concealing the cards you have up your sleeve to create smooth, fluid messaging that casts a brief spell over viewers. If they know they’re being sold, you’ll soon know they’re not interested. In case you’re not a master magician, you may want to consider a professional video production company. Their marketing specialists will have the experience and know-how to create video that creates the proper synergy between consumers and your brand.

3) Unleash Emotions

As with motion pictures and television programs, video marketing success often hinges on emotional factors. Audiences who feel your brand message are much more likely to take the desired action, whether that’s picking up the phone, visiting a website, or hightailing it down to your local retail outlet.

While virtually any emotional response is valuable to video marketers, there are five standout emotional triggers that have the greatest impact and generally lead to the most favorable results. They are happiness, excitement, amazement, inspiration, and humor.

These positive emotions go much further than the individual viewer. Video content reflecting any one or combination of these feelings typically is the most often shared. Apparently, viewers are eager to spread the sunshine. Something you’ll want to keep in mind for your next infomercial, commercial spot, explainer video, or any other video production.

Would you like to learn more about creating content for video marketing, or about any other video topic? Reach out to IDR for additional information and answers to all your questions. You’ll discover why we’re Orange County’s premier producer of TV commercials, infomercials, and online videos for a wide range of businesses, organizations, and brands.

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