And how Did That Make You Feel?
Jul 28, 2015

And how Did That Make You Feel?

DRTV and social media. Can’t beat this combination for raising brand awareness. One feeds the other. Makes each stronger and spreads the word further. So what is it about the DRTV that really makes it sing? You can call it many things. A good one is the oomf factor.

The oomf factor is the magic ingredient inside DRTV that stirs the emotions; makes the viewer feel absolutely electrified. Excitement in the extreme. When it comes to emotions, two are especially useful to the video marketer – wow and ha-ha.

Wow is that certain exhilaration you feel during a video viewing. Common wow triggers are scenes of triumph. Braving a treacherous ski slope. Winning an award. Getting a real operator instead of a recording. Nothing works like wow for making strong connections.

Running a close second to wow is ha-ha. Or even better, ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaa. Yes, funny is good. And it not only gets attention; it generally gets results. It’s hard to resist a brand that makes you feel good – before you even sample the goods. If you can pack humor into your DRTV production, by all means do so. And be sure to unfurl a social media campaign skewed with the same humorous tone.

Does this mean the darker emotions are completely out for DRTV? Absolutely not. Fear and anger will get a response. But they’re a riskier proposition. Often these emotions can rub people the wrong way. And you know where that leaves your brand. So think about the tone you’ll be taking. And remember what the wise marketer said — You stand a much better chance of hitting home with the sunny side.

If you have questions or thoughts about using DRTV in conjunction with social media, please leave your comments.

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