The Bridge to Video Enlightenment
Oct 16, 2015

The Bridge to Video Enlightenment

Deep, deep in our Orange County video production company, people with too much time on their hands are conducting market research. Our most recent research has confirmed something the world is well aware of – video is red hot and getting hotter. It also revealed a few surprises that the world may not be aware of.

The supplier of said research data was the Aberdeen Group. Surveying a diverse selection of 168 companies, the Aberdeen experts identified a powerful relationship between video marketing and company revenues. For brands that use such videos in their campaigns, revenues climb 49% faster than they do for non-using brands. The revenue growth figures stacked up this way: 13.3% growth for video users; 8.9% for non-users.

TV commercials are leaving a particularly interesting footprint in the marketing world — they’re building sturdy bridges to digital content. Here’s how: viewers see a TV commercial, get excited by a product, and bingo — they’ve just got to know more. The store’s not exactly around the corner. So they leap into much-closer cyberspace and catch an eyeful of the brand’s online videos, viewing them in a mad frenzy of research. Easy, peezy!

And let’s not forget the fraction of commercial viewers who will mosey on down to the nearest retail outlet to carry out hands-on product research. A respectable 17% of your TV audience will make the journey. Between online and in-store research, brands get quite a bit of coverage.

And just in case you’re hungry for more, chew on these facts:

  • 85% of marketers use video for lead-generation.
  • Consumers commonly shop online while watching TV. The numbers break down as follows: laptop users, nearly half; tablet users, 41%; desktop users, 40%; and smartphone users, 31%. That’s a whole lotta shoppers, Jack!

Still, plenty of mobile users are ignoring TV – and all those not-so-cheap-to-produce commercials. Don’t expect TV advertisers to take this sitting down. Many still intend to reach this community of lost consumers. But clearly they’ll need digital video to do it.

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