Ride the YouTube to Lead-Generation Land
Jul 07, 2015

Ride the YouTube to Lead-Generation Land

DRTV lead generation and robust ROI. Nothing goes together better. But why limit yourself to broadcast television. Digital media is right there in front of you, packing major muscle. Take YouTube. This is a gold mine of DRTV lead generation opportunities.

A closer look reveals the secrets of YouTube Power:

  • YouTube owns one heck of a massive audience. How massive? About 1 billion people worldwide tune in. Total viewing hours – about 6 billion per year.
  • YouTube holds a respectable second place among worldwide search engines. Google, of course, is top dog.
  • Among online video viewers in the U.S., a hefty 68% select YouTube.
  • And here’s the kicker — YouTube impacted the purchase decisions of 53% of all U.S. consumers. Not just online consumers – everyone.

As with DRTV lead generation videos for broadcast TV, the YouTube variety come in all shapes and sizes. One popular form is the spot. In a mere 30-60 seconds, the spot grabs eyeballs, spins out your unique selling proposition, and drives home your brand’s tremendous value. And for good measure, it’ll include a call-to-action and some type of offer.

Full-fledged infomercials also work well on YouTube. These big boys are great for raising brand awareness and satisfying the worldwide hunger for information.

And don’t forget testimonial videos. Nothing boosts credibility like the buzz of happy customers.

Remember, engagement is crucial when crafting DRTV lead generation videos for YouTube. So pack some entertainment snap into your production. Plain and dull will drive viewers away in droves.

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