The Future of Online Video
May 10, 2016

The Future of Online Video

If we had a time machine, our team could jump forward and glimpse what the future holds for online video production. Well, IDR Productions has resources galore at its disposal, but a time-hopping machine isn’t one of them. Nevertheless, we do have experience, expertise, vision, and plenty of facts on which to build sound predictions for the future of online video. Here’s what we see just around the corner.

Mobile Usage

Mobile usage will decline thanks to innovations in desktop technology. Yeah, right. Just wanted to see if your brain was tuned in. Actually – and nobody will be stunned by this prediction – mobile video viewing will continue its meteoric rise. Pretty hard not to see that one coming, so we won’t boast too much. The facts tell a pretty convincing story – viewership of mobile video has jumped by a mind-boggling 367% in the last two years. Guess somebody’s doing something right. Now, what does the surging popularity indicate? If you said your videos must be mobile-compatible, you get the prize.

Any brand that considers all video the same, however, is in for a rude awakening. Mobile productions have their own requirements, one of these being brevity. In fact, short n’ sweet is one of the cardinal rules of online video production. We’re talking seconds (possibly microseconds) to capture viewer interest. If you don’t hit users in that allotted time, they almost certainly will scoot to more hospitable territory.

The necessity for the quick hit stems from user viewing habits. Generally, mobile viewing is done while users are zipping from place to place, work, school, coffee shop, whatever. Sights, sounds, and smells from sundry sources bombard their senses, providing numerous distractions. If your online videos fail to lock viewers in before these distractions take hold, you’ve probably lost them.

Changes in Screen Orientation

People generally hold their mobile devices in a vertical position, an angle that suggests videos should mesh with this screen orientation. And no doubt, they will. Expect a rise in videos shot for vertical viewing. As things currently stand, many people are reluctant to turn their smartphones sideways in order to watch a video. In the time it takes to decide ‘turn or not turn’ one of the aforementioned distractions could and probably will interrupt their focus and yank their minds in a whole new direction. And all because your video displayed horizontally.

The Future of Online Video

The Ad Story

You may not have to begin your DRTV production or other type of commercial with the words ‘once upon a time’. But marketing videos will be putting a greater emphasis on storytelling. The reason storytelling will rule stems from viewer perceptions. Users have great ad-detectors, and anything that appears salesy will stimulate their urge to skip. It’s simply too easy to select ‘skip’ if they see a sales message headed their way. A story-like presentation, on the other hand, removes the marketing taint from your video and replaces it with engaging content that viewers can warm up to.

Viewer Involvement will Rise

According to research, viewers who interact with videos by clicking their responses will remain tuned in for about 5% longer than those who merely sit and watch. While a mere 5% increase doesn’t seem like an astronomical time span, in the microsecond world of online video ads, it’s an eternity. Brands who develop creative ways to inspire viewer participation likely will reap robust dividends. Never underestimate the click.

Video Content Will Become Ubiquitous

Not too long ago, online video content made its appearance in expected destinations such as YouTube. But in the future videos will display everywhere and anywhere, functioning in a diversity of ways. Along with the standard ad, videos will display on and support a diversity of web pages ranging from FAQs to company histories. Videos will become an essential resource for enlightening viewers on selected topics.

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