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YouTube SEO: How to Get Your Videos Seen on YouTube

YouTube is more than just a platform for vloggers and funny home videos; it’s the second largest search engine behind its parent company, Google. Ranking high for YouTube SEO is essential to getting your video seen and promoting your brand. Here’s exactly how to rank for YouTube SEO:   Do your keyword research. Before you […]

What Video-Based Brands Can Learn from the Rise of YouTubers

What Video-Based Brands Can Learn from the Rise of YouTubers

With over a billion hours of video being watched a day on YouTube, this video platform is the underdog no one predicted in its early days. With the rise of YouTube came its content providers: the YouTubers. These YouTubers have overturned the video production world and broken all the rules to create their success stories. […]

Hidden Powers of Online Video Ads
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Studies Reveal Hidden Powers of Online Video Ads

For eons, it seems, advertisers have harnessed the power of online video ads to boost brand awareness. And to no one’s surprise, these videos delivered – viewers knew all about your products and services thanks to the unstoppable force of online exposure. What many marketers didn’t know, however, is that online brand videos contained many […]

Why YouTube Must Be In Your Marketing Plan
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Why YouTube Must Be in Your Marketing Plan

If only you had a magic lamp that allowed you the three wishes of video marketers: Greater engagement An expanded reach Increased video views Well, you may lack the lamp, but you can still release the genie and get what you’re after. The key is YouTube. There’s no question that YouTube belongs in your video […]

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