What Video-Based Brands Can Learn from the Rise of YouTubers
Aug 14, 2017

What Video-Based Brands Can Learn from the Rise of YouTubers

With over a billion hours of video being watched a day on YouTube, this video platform is the underdog no one predicted in its early days. With the rise of YouTube came its content providers: the YouTubers. These YouTubers have overturned the video production world and broken all the rules to create their success stories. So what can more traditional video producers learn from the rise of YouTube stars? Read on to find out.

  1. Authenticity is key.

One of the reasons YouTubers attract cult-like audiences is that they’ve found ways to stay true to their channel, whether that’s through personal vlogs or the characters they portray. Subscribers expect vulnerability and authenticity from the creators they watch. The creators never try to be something they aren’t to make a quick buck; ironically, that’s what makes them so successful. Videos for your brand need to function in the same way. You must relate to your audience without coming across as fake or pandering. Speak with your voice and no one else’s and your consumers will follow you to the ends of the earth.

  1. Consistency is important.

YouTubers have mastered the art of consistently uploading. Not only are their upload schedules timely and consistent, these creators actively drive people to their content by telling them what they’ll be posting and how followers can watch it. For you, this means being consistent in how often you post videos and how you’re promoting these videos across your social channels. Uploading sporadically or only once every few months leaves your audience no real reason to return to your platform. Give them the promise of continuous content, and you’ll find your customers keep coming back.

  1. Cross-promotion works.

YouTubers know when to bring in the reserves to give themselves a boost. YouTube collabs are great for getting viewers on both sides excited and introducing subscribers to new channels they might be interested in. Working together also downsizes the work that any one creator has to do. So, take a page from the YouTube playbook. Work together with others who can bring in a new edge to your normal video content. By adding a new face, you liven up your normal scene while boosting your exposure to those who may not have found you otherwise. It’s a win-win.

  1. What Video-Based Brands Can Learn from the Rise of YouTubersListen to your consumers.

YouTube creators know that in order to produce the best content for your audience, you need to listen to your audience. When YouTubers ask their subscribers for likes and comments, they’re doing more than trying to prove their worth to potential advertisers and partners. These metrics tell the creator what kinds of content their viewers want to see, and that helps determine future content. Brands can do the same with their video content. Instead of guessing what your consumers want, ask them. Listen to them. Content that consumers ask for is content they’ll pay attention to. So take a load off and let your consumers do some of the heavy lifting for you.

  1. Find your voice.

In YouTube’s ever-expanding platform, successful creators have had to find a niche that best fits what they want out of the channel. Though there may be hundreds of gaming or beauty channels on YouTube, these creators carved a specific voice for themselves that made them stand out. This voice is what brought them thousands, if not millions, of views. Brands need to adopt the same method. Even if your industry is crawling with competition, find what makes you stand out amongst your peers. Then use it. Build your brand voice around it. Once you prove you’ve got something new to say, consumers will flock to you as the industry expert and the go-to for their future needs.

  1. It takes time (and a bit of luck).

Aside from the rare exception, no YouTuber makes it big overnight. Even the platform itself took a few years to catch on before making its big break. Years can go by with seemingly little payoff, and then, one day, you’ve made it. Your video efforts may prove to blossom in much the same fashion. Just because you’re not seeing huge immediate payoffs does not mean your smaller efforts won’t yield some results. Sure, if months go by and you’re not seeing results, feel free to shake things up a little bit and see if that helps. But don’t expect your video to become an overnight viral sensation. Success takes time combined with a little bit of luck (that a good SEO team can help along). Be patient; your work will pay off.


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