Feed the Millennial Video Habit
Jul 09, 2015

Feed the Millennial Video Habit

Is your brand targeting Millennials with video productions? Then by all means know this: Millennials absolutely love their online videos. Seems like they view them for every reason under the sun, one of the big ones being comparison shopping. Yes, online video is what this youthful sector relies on to decide what car to drive, shoes to purchase, and just about everything else.

What should brands do about this mad craving for video productions? Give them exactly what they want. Get your product in the video limelight as often as possible. This means displaying high-value video content at each stage of the purchase cycle. Popular with this group are product demos, comparison videos, and company identity videos. Deliver them all for best results.

Don’t think video craving ends once Millennials buy their sweaters and skateboards. Their video hunger is unquenchable. And that makes them fantastic post-purchase viewers. As things stand, a hefty 69% wants to consume more video content after they buy. The reason? Basic curiosity – they want to educate themselves about a brand’s other products and services. Their in-depth research, of course, can and often does wet their appetites for further buys.

Millennials also are wonderful when it comes to spreading the word. So make sure your video content is shareable. If this demo likes what it sees, they’ll be the greatest mouthpiece you ever had.

If you have questions or thoughts about video production for the Millennial market, please leave your comments.

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