What Brands Should Know About Naming Their New Baby
May 12, 2015

What Brands Should Know About Naming Their New Baby

Brand image … knowing it, creating it, managing it … all factors that have ignited the soaring success of IDR Productions in the realm of red hot video production companies in Orange County. But where does brand image begin? If you’re introducing a new product with an infomercial, TV commercial or online video commercial production, it begins eons before the campaign launch. In fact, it starts the moment you name your new product or service.

Are you introducing a product to the world via DRTV. Then you better devote ample time naming your baby. Why the need for such time-consuming thoroughness? Because a name sends a very definite vibe to all those ears and eyeballs. When a name is on the money, viewers feel a certain pull toward your product. When it misses the mark, audiences have a reason to disconnect … and they often do.

The first consideration when christening a new product (or renaming an existing one) is how effectively it defines your offering. Consumers are drawn to names that are crystal clear and easy to grasp. Vague, muddy abstractions generally make great buyer repellent. Therefore, the straight shooter always fares best.

Major Don’t: Procrastination

You wouldn’t believe the number of businesses that wait until the fringes of the midnight hour before hitting the chalkboard to devise a product name. By then, marketing budgets have been drained to few drops and the team is sputtering along on fumes. The result is a mad frenzy to grab a name out of thin air in time for a looming product launch. Don’t be one of these frenzied stragglers. Get your creative team on a naming mission early on. And test the results thoroughly to make sure you have a winner. Only then will you be ready for the airwaves.

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