5 Types of Video for Social Media Marketing
Feb 15, 2016

5 Types of Video for Social Media Marketing

Before 2015 reached its close, Facebook visitors were watching an average of four billion videos each day. Four billion! That number represents four times the viewing rate posted in 2014. Confronted by swelling demand, Facebook has been redesigning its infrastructure to improve the process of loading and watching videos.

While these intensive efforts ultimately will benefit viewers, Facebook has another objective in mind – accommodating the proliferation of mobile video advertisers. Eager to play a vital role in this burgeoning and profitable marketing phenomenon, the social media powerhouse is doing everything possible to create a flawless video delivery system readily embraced by a diversity of brands.

But that’s only Facebook. Instagram, YouTube, and a slew of other social networks are racing to beef up their video capabilities. Apparently, anyone and everyone in cyberspace will have the capacity to deliver vibrant video messages on behalf of brands. As with any other endeavor, however, there’s an effective way to go about it and an ineffective way. Marketers who prefer to be in the former group should take note of the following five prominent types of social media video to determine which ones best match their objectives.

The Importance of Knowing What You Want

When you say social media video, what type is on your mind? The possibilities abound. Here are five popular forms currently working wonders for online marketers:

1) Pre-Roll Video: Designed as an instant attention-getter, pre-roll video generally lasts between 15-30 seconds. This quickie ad often pops up before a selected main video displays. The advantage of pre-roll videos is their ability to deliver lightning-quick messages viewers can’t ignore.

2) How-To Video: As the name suggests, this type of production has an educational intent. Since they target very specific needs, how-to videos are an excellent means for increasing both shares and number of brand followers. Everyone from fitness trainers to programmers are using these to boost their followership on destinations such as Instagram. Who’s your resident expert? Feature that person in a how-to video. Remember, the trick here is to make the video easy-to-follow as well as relevant.

5 Types of Video for Social Media Marketing

3) Trend Support: Video that capitalizes on current trends have a built-in audience. Look for the hot topics raging on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, using them as raw material for dynamic video content. Basically, you’re connecting your brand with a storm of existing buzz. This ultimately puts you in striking distance of a massive marketplace. Social media is a buzz fest. Seek and you shall find abundant subject matter for must-see social media videos.

4) Sneak Peaks: Do you dare show people the drama and suspense that unfolds beyond the closed doors of your company? Revealing what goes on behind the scenes at your business often proves a fool-proof interest arouser. Equally important, anything that lets people inside your company automatically creates a closer bond with viewers. Customers feel a special connection with your brand because they know you a little better.

5) Product Ad: Of course, this one had to be on the list. But showcasing your mega-juicer or flashy convertible isn’t enough these days. Real mileage comes from viewer sharing. Interestingly, one survey reported that 76% of respondents were willing to share videos – provided they packed entertainment value. A fun, casual approach is your best bet for attaining entertainment goals.

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