A new "reality" for online videos
Apr 29, 2015

Augmented Reality – A New “Reality” for Online Videos

As a forward-looking video production company in Orange County, IDR Productions consistently pushes into the furthest frontiers of website video production and social media video production. Among the most intriguing discoveries we’ve made is augmented reality. Indeed, numerous marketers are giving brands eye-grabbing pizzazz with this fascinating digital innovation.     

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality propels products into a whole new dimension. It’s eye candy that nourishes. If you’re in a fog about the term, you’ve got plenty of company. True, this innovation has been rippling through the web for a number of years now. Nevertheless, it’s still a fuzzy notion for many of us. In simplest terms, augmented reality (AR) is a live view of a real world environment enhanced by digital sound, video, or graphics.

Fine. But what does all this visual razzmatazz have to do with converting prospects into customers? Much. AR helps your products jump off the video screen with a whole new vividness. Whether your augmented reality presentation is accessed by desktop or smartphone, the digital magic can bring every type of merchandise to life in a truly astonishing manner. It’s hard for consumers to ignore such a visual feast. 

AR even allows marketers to preview merchandise in a whole new way. Example, a power boat or automobile dealer could place next year’s yet-unseen model(s) into a live view of the showroom. And there that new outboard will be, as if it really were physically in the room.

Similarly, department store window displays could gain added dazzle with AR digital enhancements. Floating around are rumors that consumers soon will be able to ‘touch’ products through a smartphone screen. Hmmm … Think of what that could do for online dating.

If you want more information about integrating augmented reality with your online videos, or about any other video production topic, please share your questions or feedback in our comment box. 

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