Reasons to Hire a Professional Drone Operator
Oct 16, 2017

Why You Should Hire a Professional Drone Operator

Whether you’re making a drone-centric video or just looking to spice up your next video advertisement, drone footage can be the make or break in an engaging video. Wondering about whether or not you need a professional drone operator? We think the answer is a resounding yes. Here’s why you need to hire a professional drone operator.

  1. They’re licensed.

The number one reason to hire a professional drone operator is that they have the license required by the FAA to fly a drone commercially. Prior to 2016, the regulations around flying drones both recreationally and professionally were much more lax. Since new regulation updates, there are pages on pages of rules that a drone operator must keep in mind while in the air. When you hire a professional drone operator, you can rest assured knowing your SUAV (small unmanned aircraft vehicle) pilot knows all the rules and regulations of the sky.

  1. They’re insured.

No one wants any accidents on set, especially where a drone is concerned. Unfortunately, having a flying camera can come with a lot of risks. From birds attacking the drone to winds knocking it about, professional drone operators have a lot to pay attention to when flying. Professional drone operators and businesses come with the perk of having production insurance. This means everyone is covered in case of any trouble on the day of the shoot. Less stress is the best stress when it comes to drones.

  1. They deliver a professional-quality product.

Sure, you could hire the young adult you found on Craigslist that got a drone for their birthday. If you do that, however, you guarantee a lower-quality final product that won’t live up to your expectations. While drones have become very popular amongst professionals and non-professionals alike, the main difference you’ll find is the quality of your final product. Professional drone operators have the skills and techniques that come with production experience, something very often lacking in amateur operators. While it may cost a little more in the long run, it’ll be worth it when you finish with a flawless final product.

  1. Reasons to Hire a Professional Drone OperatorThey have a professional process.

When getting ready for a drone shoot, there’s a lot that needs to be considered. A professional drone operator will price out the shoot, check the weather reports for the shoot location, checks the restrictions the FAA places on the air space, and makes any necessary calls to obtain waivers, among other things. They’ll have a professional process to make these steps as easy as possible on the clients and themselves. These steps are paramount to having a successful and safe shoot. Any professional drone operator without some sort of procedure is no professional at all.

  1. They’ll be able to show you samples of what you’re looking for.

Even if you have an idea of what shots you want going into a shoot, it can be a little hard to visualize without seeing similar footage. Luckily, professional drone operators will have their previous projects and the expertise to help you create the perfect shot list. If you have an a vague idea of the kind of shots you’d like, your drone operator can give you the advice and guidance to turn that shot into a perfect reality. They’ll even be able to improve on your idea by offering suggestions about angles, camera techniques, and timing that will perfectly convey your visual message.


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