Sequential Video Marketing
Feb 01, 2016

Sequential Video Marketing

Optimize Engagement with Sequential Video Marketing

Marketers seeking long-term relationships with any customer sector can benefit tremendously from sequential video marketing. As the name implies, sequential video marketing is a strategy that delivers a continuous message or story through a series of static ads or videos. Ad content is delivered one at a time during website visits – either in a single session or multiple.

The huge advantage of sequential video marketing is its ‘must see’ requirement – prospects must view a specific video before the next will display. This creates a messaging continuity that makes a powerful impression on viewers. For example, a car manufacturer may want to tell a story about its new sports sedan. Each new video is a ‘chapter’ that creates interest in the next. Presumably, when all the chapters are digested, viewer interest will peak – and hopefully trigger a sale. Or at least, a showroom visit.

Video Marketing for the Modern Mind

Sequential video marketing syncs perfectly with the mindset of contemporary viewers, who demand to be wooed and informed before jumping to each next stage of the purchase process. This continuity also meshes wonderfully with the modern consumer’s multiple-device usage patterns. After a video is viewed on a laptop, the next one is readily available on a smartphone or tablet, creating a stream of ongoing engagement across all devices.

Built-In Tracking

Sequential video marketing enables marketers to track viewer engagement across a series of devices. Information collected during the tracking process can be incorporated to optimize DRTV commercials and other marketing videos in real time. Basically, each user-jump to a new device allows marketers to respond with an appropriate video ad tied to click choices. The resulting continuity builds powerful engagement throughout the video journey, culminating in a compelling offer intended to clinch the sale.

How Sequential Video Works

When a user clicks an ad on any device, a related video will display. In essence, one message reflects and extends the other in a natural progression. If interested in the newly-displayed video, the viewer selects play. When this video concludes, the next displays. And so forth. By continuously selecting play, a viewer accesses a customized flow of information and forges an ongoing relationship with the brand.

Viewers need not select play immediately. The progression can take place over any length of time. The point is, the next video always is ready when the user is.

Sequential Video Marketing


A Big Plus for DRTV

While all formats stand to benefit from sequential video marketing, DRTV – particularly long-form – is positioned to see an especially generous windfall. As a format that builds on a succession of different but related messages, DRTV is well-suited to the serialized progression that defines the sequential approach. As with an infomercial, sequential video marketing builds one message on top of the other to create a powerful overall impression and drive consumers to take action. Addressed during the progression are all the DRTV touch points – awareness, consideration, purchase, offer, etc. It’s as if you could take each part of an infomercial and display it at different intervals – where and when the viewer chooses.

Growing Impact

Clearly, sequential video marketing is making a big splash in the advertising world. Already, scores of software, device, and ad-tech firms are rushing to build the infrastructure necessary to make it part of the everyday marketing landscape. Among the prominent companies entering this arena is none other than Facebook. Recently, the social media mainstay purchased the video advertising company LiveRail. By incorporating video technologies acquired through the purchase, Facebook will offer brands the ability to follow the consumer viewing path from device to device.

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