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Shooting On Target with IDR Productions

Shooting On Target: A Glimpse into Video Production

A behind-the-scenes look at a shoot at a shooting range. As a video production company, there’s a lot that goes on “behind the scenes” when creating the final product you see on screen. In production, especially pre-production, every day brings something new to it. Production is a never ending-adventure that occasionally throws a curveball your […]

Helping DRTV Audiences Decide, ‘To Buy or Not to Buy’
by kburke 05/05/2015 0 comm

Helping DRTV Audiences Decide, ‘To Buy or Not to Buy’

Knowledge of the customer decision process has helped propel IDR Productions to the forefront of video production companies in Orange County. Amazingly, DRTV audiences actually consider several factors before deciding ‘to buy or not to buy’.  Whether promoting a brand with a long or short form DRTV production or TV commercial, marketers must take the […]

Camera Shots & Angles Everyone in Production Should Know online video strategy
by kburke 24/04/2015 0 comm

3 Essentials to Your Online Video Strategy

As one of the premier video production companies in Orange County, IDR productions is constantly developing new ways to maximize the impact of website video productions and social media productions. The following are three key ingredients of our success formula when it comes to an online video strategy. Use them to your advantage. #1 Think […]

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