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Apr 24, 2015

3 Essentials to Your Online Video Strategy

As one of the premier video production companies in Orange County, IDR productions is constantly developing new ways to maximize the impact of website video productions and social media productions. The following are three key ingredients of our success formula when it comes to an online video strategy. Use them to your advantage.

#1 Think Long Term – An online video campaign is kin to social media in one important respect – both must be kept going in order to connect with people. With that in mind, don’t limit yourself to a single promotional video. Instead, craft a series of videos that tell your brand story over weeks or even months. Think of the magazine or movie serials of yesteryear. Such a far-reaching approach will keep your brand top of mind in the long-term. When going this route, be sure to establish a firm schedule that creates breathing space between the different video productions.    

#2 Compacts Go a Long Way – With viewers racing through digital content on a daily basis, short form videos have a definite place in any online video strategy. Not only are compact productions the better attention-getters, they’re also delightfully shareable. As is well known, heavy sharing spreads brand info to consumers quicker than lighting. So do everything possible to encourage it.   

#3 A Little Learning Goes a Long Way – Tips, tutorials, and the like build sturdy bridges to potential and existing customers. Not only does the information lend them a well-appreciated helping hand, it thrusts you front and center as an authority in your field. People will trust a recognized master much more than an unknown.

If you want more information about creating online videos, or about any other video production topic, please share your questions or feedback in our comment box. 

And if you want to take your brand all the way to the top, IDR is ready to make it happen. As one of the premier video production companies in Orange County, we’ll help you drive more sales with our acclaimed Orange County production services for online videos, infomercial production services, and TV commercial production services. Contact IDR Productions for your free consultation. 


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