Top 8 Business Ethics to Look for in a Company
Apr 10, 2017
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Top 8 Business Ethics to Look for in a Company

Choosing a video company to work with can be difficult, especially if you’re placing the future of your product’s video marketing into another’s hands. When choosing a partner company, there are certain business ethics you’ll want to look out for. These qualities show how ethical a business will be, which can heavily influence both your relations with that company and with your consumers. Check out IDR Production’s top eight business ethics to look for in a company:

  1. Integrity

Ethics begins and ends with integrity, or the central moral principles that you live with day-to-day. Integrity goes beyond an external office ethics code; it comes from within. It’s your commitment to doing what is morally correct, no matter the circumstance. Companies without integrity may have a code of ethics they “follow,” but you will quickly begin to see cracks and disappointments in their actions. Those with integrity do what is right, even with great pressure from outside entities. If your business has no integrity, you can be sure that all other business ethics will fall through as well. At IDR Productions, integrity comes into play even when it would be more convenient to not have it. One day on set, we had to pull a last-minute location change due to weather. This meant we had no permit for the new shoot location. While other companies would’ve snuck around and tried to avoid getting caught, we went straight to the rangers of the park we wanted to film at and explained our situation. Everything worked out, we filmed our commercial with the park’s full approval, and we kept our integrity intact.

  1. Honesty

Honesty builds directly on the back of integrity. Honest companies won’t mark up prices after the deal has been signed or deliberately mislead you into thinking you’ll be getting something you won’t. Companies will instead tell you what you’re getting into and exactly how you’re getting it. Honesty builds trust in a company, which fosters loyalty and further good ethics practices. When Kelly Burke quotes a price for a client here at IDR Productions, she tells you exactly what you’re getting for your price quote. And when she promises the deal at that price, it doesn’t change. Period.

  1. Leadership

Ethics in a company must start from the top. Ethical companies have leaders and CEO’s that are committed to doing the right thing. How the heads of a company act will show you a lot about what you can expect from the rest of the business. If the ethics don’t shine through at the highest level, one can only imagine the ethical fallout that could be going on down below. Kelly sets a great example for how to act that exemplifies to the rest of the team the high standards upheld at IDR Productions.

  1. Communication:

As above, so below. Ethical companies may start with ethical CEO’s, but these companies will also take into account the opinions of those at the ground level. Those in the front lines of companies are often dealing with issues that the higher-ups may not be involved with on a daily basis. Ethical companies will make the move to involve everyone in ethics discussions, as they know how many different perspectives must be accounted for. Without this open communication, a lot becomes lost in translation and some important voices may go unheard. Kelly always makes sure to listen to the rest of the team when making decisions that will affect the future of IDR Productions and its clients. She knows having multiple viewpoints can often lead to a better resolution for all.

Top 8 Business Ethics to Look for in a Company

  1. Employee Morale & Reputation:

With open lines of communication flowing between all parts of a company, good ethical practices should arise, boosting employee morale. Employees with higher morale are more willing to uphold the standards and integrity of a company, heightening its reputation in the community as a result. Ethical companies will make sure their employees feel respected and compelled to keep the company at its best. Our commitment to ethics makes the team feel confident in their ability to get the job done, providing a better work environment all around.

  1. Law Abiding:

This may be the most obvious of practices, but ethical businesses will follow all laws and regulations within their fields. For some industries, the list of regulations may be extensive but nonetheless important. Ethical companies won’t try to find shortcuts or loopholes to save themselves resources. Not to mention, any company that finds itself in trouble for law breaking has a chance of taking your company down with it. IDR Productions puts the law first to ensure the safety and protection of everyone on a project.

  1. Outward-Looking:

Ethical businesses also make sure to look out for those outside of the company as well as those within it. These companies show a genuine concern and respect for those in the community and make sure to consider the impact on these people when decision-making. They value the community’s opinion and believe that they should treat others as the company would like to be treated in return. Outward-looking companies know to respect everyone no matter their standing, whether that be within the company itself or out in the streets. IDR Productions always considers the consequences and benefits for its workers and clients when making important production decisions.

  1. Fairness:

Those who have a life that might be construed as positively unfair play the biggest part in determining how fair life is for the rest of the world. Ethical businesses use any privilege or advantage they might have to try to make life fair for those who lack this privilege. Being fair means being just and tolerant of those who are different than you, and finding ways to meet at a middle ground. Being fair can sometimes mean admitting you’re wrong and making amends when realizing it. Fairness creates a sense of trust and loyalty that will carry your business through its toughest times. Kelly makes sure everyone involved see the benefits that IDR Production’s success brings.

Would you like to learn more about ethical business, or about any other video topic? Reach out to IDR for additional information and answers to all your questions. You’ll discover why we’re Orange County’s premier producer of TV commercials, infomercials, and online videos for a wide range of businesses, organizations, and brands.



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