Get a Brand Boost Now!
Aug 07, 2015

Get a Brand Boost Now!

DRTV integrated with social media delivers a major brand boost. Now, you want to give your brand an even bigger boost? Just drop some video into your Twitter site. It’s powerful stuff.

Right now, Twitter is where your brand video needs to be. Unlike other platforms, Twitter gives users plenty of things to do with video. The big one, of course, is the ability to start and sustain smooth-flowing conversations. Brands can ‘talk’ to their audience with video content. And those on the receiving end can talk right back, quick and easy. This level of involvement hits people like a golden ray of sunshine. It just feels so good.

Remember, the bulk of users are plugged into mobile devices. Therefore, content creators should tailor videos specifically to the mass of on-the-go smartphones and tablets. If you’re thinking of recycling previously-used content and throwing it out there for mobiles – don’t. The super-savvy mobile crowd will sense something is way off base.

Video marketers should be encouraged by Twitter’s ongoing improvements. With an eye on innovation, the platform continuously makes sharing and viewing easier for users. As a result, Twitter packs a lot more video content than it used to. And the viewing route is much smoother. Once upon a time it took a trio of clicks to reach a Twitter vid. Now a single click whisks users to the video of their choice. Also bundled into the social site is a recently-added autoplay feature.

Clearly, all these plusses are working like a charm. The surge in Twitter video viewing is proof of that.

If you have questions or thoughts about integrating DRTV with social media, please leave your comments.

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