TV Ads Trump Facebook
Jul 30, 2015

TV Ads Trump Facebook

Wait a minute! This can’t be! Wasn’t there a frenzied swarm racing in the direction of digital video? Weren’t video productions created for the online zone supposed to kick conventional DRTV into oblivion? Not according to Interscope Research.

A recent Interscope study unpacked a startling bit of news – TV ads have four times the engagement power of Facebook ads. Quadruple! This finding wasn’t pulled from your run-of-the-mill survey or focus group. Nope, the revelation is based on raw data from one serious session of biometric monitoring. Measured were things like skin conductance, eye-tracking, and breathing patterns. 390 subjects ranging from 18-34 years of age took part in the study. Everyone viewed identical ads on TV and Facebook.

As demonstrated by the metrics, participants had ‘higher visual attention’ when viewing branding messages and logos delivered via TV videos. Moreover, a convincing 25% of the subjects were more likely to say they’d try or purchase a brand after viewing it via TV ad. That number sunk to 9% for Facebook ads.

Researchers at Interscope see screen size directly related to attention span. TV video holds all the cards when it comes to viewing space. A screen that fits in your palm simply can’t compete with one that takes up half the living room.

Based on the above findings, marketers definitely should keep aiming DRTV productions at the larger screen. This doesn’t mean ditch the online variety. Far better to unleash the potential of DRTV coordinated with social media and other online channels. Keep with the principles of multi-channel marketing and spread your message wide. Remember, the bigger the reach, the greater your odds.

If you have questions or thoughts about using DRTV in conjunction with social media, please leave your comments.

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