Want a Bigger YouTube Audience? Follow These 2 Steps
Aug 24, 2015

Want a Bigger YouTube Audience? Follow These 2 Steps

YouTube has impacted everyone and everything, including video production in Orange County. So how do you reach the widest possible audience with this magical medium? The following tips will show you the way:

#1 Create a Trail

How will people find your YouTube video? With a digital trail. This consists of searchable titles, intriguing thumbnails, and catchy video descriptions. Properly implemented, these elements create a quick n’ easy route to your YouTube video.

Research conducted by YouTube tells a compelling story:

  • 90% of the best-performing videos feature custom thumbnails.
  • 60% of the hot performers displayed a title element (as text) within the thumbnail.

Thumbnails alone can drive abundant traffic to your YouTube video. But don’t take them lightly. The little screen shots should reflect actual video content, not some whimsical thought. Be relevant. Titles, too, should be content-specific. A video covering clean water will perform better if entitled “Tired of Swimming in Dirty Water?” instead of “Your Clear Choice.”

#2 Keep Them Glued

Long viewing times are gold. Obvious windfall — greater brand exposure. Second windfall –rewards from YouTube. That’s right. YouTube awards precious Search and Discovery points when viewers stick around. Upshot – you get found quicker. Hence, your videos better be so irresistibly engaging that leaving would be unthinkable. Creative, clear, and informative are what you should be aiming for.

The great thing about YouTube is that creators always know the score. Credit YouTube’s handy audience retention reports. These reveal what audience percentage is viewing, sharing, re-watching, or leaving.

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