6 Reasons To Build Your Social Media Before Your Product Launch
Apr 24, 2017

6 Reasons To Build Your Social Media Before Your Product Launch

When you’re prepping to launch your product, social media may be the last thing on your mind. But it shouldn’t be! Running successful social media channels should be your first stop for a successful product launch. Wondering why? Then read on for IDR Productions’ 6 reasons to build your social media before your product launch.

  1. It builds your credibility.

In order to be the best in your industry, you have to be an expert in your field. A solid social media presence gives your brand the credibility it needs to be in the foreground. A blog is the best way to share information and ideas about your product. These blogs can then be shared on your social accounts, spreading the message even further. Quality information spread across your networks shows that you know exactly what you’re talking about. Consumers won’t necessarily buy once they see a commercial. Instead, your social channels will likely be the first place they stop to conduct research on your product. Fleshed out social channels gives customers the information and reassurance they need to purchase. Once you’ve established your brand’s authority within your industry, consumers will also come to you for the latest in trends and information. Combine this with the commercial launch of your product and your customers will know they’re getting the best.

  1. Social media shows off your brand personality.

Consumers nowadays want more than just a quality product; they want a brand they love. It can be hard to encompass all the amazing qualities your company has in a single TV spot. Social media allows you to show off the “wow” factor of your brand in real time. Do you want to come off as clever and cheeky, or more stoic? The type of content you create for your social media accounts is the most effective way to demonstrate who you are as a brand and how you want to be perceived. Whether you’re a socially conscious company or a just a bunch of goofballs, the short social blurbs force you to get straight to the core of your brand personality. Having the right personality for your brand attracts customers who already align with your company, which means an easier conversion for you!

  1. It builds your network.

It all comes down to who you know, or, more importantly, who knows you. Building a strong network prior to your product launch guarantees having a slew of sales right out of the gate. Social media’s reach means you can source consumers from all over the globe. It’s also a great way to connect with influencers and outlets that can help further spread your message and product. Social media allows you to build important relationships without ever having to meet face to face. These relationships, whether with consumers or influencers, are vital to launching your product from the ground up.

6 Reasons To Build Your Social Media Before Your Product Launch

  1. Social media creates buzz for your product.

People generally only buy products they’ve actually heard of. While commercials are fantastic for giving your customers information they need about your product, social media is useful for teasing consumers with updates and surprises as you get closer to launch. These teases are great for drawing in consumers and keeping them coming back. Social media’s 24/7 connectedness means your consumers have access to information whenever you want. Giving consumers a consistent stream of info and teases means you’ll always be in their minds. Keeping your brand fresh for consumers is critical before heading into a successful commercial launch.

  1. Social media allows you to connect personally with consumers.

One of social media’s greatest advantages is its ability to let you hold a real-time conversation with your consumers. Having a place that consumers know they can turn to for questions or concerns means they feel a one-on-one connection with your brand. These connections build loyal customers before your brand has even launched. Brand trust is one of the most important aspects a customer looks for when buying a product, and connected personally to your consumers is a surefire way to build that trust.

  1. It lets you track how well your product will launch.

With all the analytics you have accessible through various social channels, tracking how consumers are responding to your marketing (and via proxy, your product) is easier than ever. Do people seem excited about your product? Are there particular problems or questions your consumers are repeatedly talking about? Gauge where your audience is. Then, readjust your information outlets and marketing accordingly. Having happy consumers before a launch makes converting them into customers effortless!

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