The 7 Brand Personalities You Should Use in Your Online Videos
Aug 21, 2017

The 7 Brand Personalities You Should Use in Your Online Videos

You’ve done it all. Created the perfect product from concept to packaging. The only problem now? You have to market that bad boy. But how can you get your product out to consumers in a way that will entice them to act? The answer is to take on one of the seven brand personalities that are proven to intrigue and fascinate consumers. Put one of these personalities into your digital video, and customers will flock to you. Here are the seven personalities you should use in your online videos:

  1. Power: Some people are total control freaks. Other people would love to relinquish control and let someone else be in charge of the hard choices. If you’re taking on the power personality in your videos, this means taking full charge of the industry, the competition, and your consumers. You need to give clear and blatant direction as to what the customer needs to be doing. Notice we said “need.” By taking the pressure of choice off of them, you become enticing to those who want change but are too scared to make it for themselves. Think of yourself as a more amicable boot camp instructor. Play nice, but let your consumer know who’s running the show. Finish your video with a Call To Action they can’t resist, and you’re good to go!
  2. Passion: This personality represents all the ASPCA’s of the world. The passion personality relies on triggering an emotional response from your consumers. If you can ignite an emotional flame, consumers go from an average customer to an ambassador for your brand. It gives them something to continue to feel passionate about. This personality needs to be based on establishing and maintaining a relationship with individual customers. It’s like when you go to your local coffee spot and your favorite barista starts making your usual drink when you walk in the door. The passion personality inspires loyalty that translates into sharing on your social platforms and strong word-of-mouth marketing. While not for everyone, in this personality subset, a customer earned is a customer for life.
  3. Rebellion: When we think rebellion, the first thing we always reflect on is the 1984-inspired Apple commercial. That commercial was known for being game-changing in that it completely shifted the way we looked at home computers and advertising. Rebellious personalities in digital marketing are looking to change the game. We all like stability, but sometimes, we want something to come in and shake our lives up. This personality is dependent on being innovative and exciting. Your product or service needs to look like it’s going to revolutionize lives. If you can put danger into the ordinary, you’ll have consumers hooked.
  4. The 7 Brand Personalities You Should Use in Your Online VideosTrust: This personality is the opposite of rebellion in every way. In the trust personality, you need to focus on reliability and predictability. This is for consumers whose lives are a little shaky and need a brand they know won’t let them down. You won’t find any elements of surprise here. Instead, focus on building brand loyalty. You can still be humorous and clever, but at the end of the day you need to be able to show consumers that you can be
  5. Prestige: Prestige is where the high rollers come to play. On and off the streets, the ultimate goal is to increase respect for your brand. This can be done through having higher-than-average standards of quality and showing proof of just how much better your product is. You want to gain status here. When you earn this level of respect and reverence from your consumers, you won’t have to worry about price deflations in your industry. You can get away with more because you’ve proven yourself worthy of it.
  6. Alarm: The alarm personality is designed to drive people to action right now. It’s vital with this personality to create a sense of urgency that explains why action needs to be taken as soon as possible. What threat is so imminent and dangerous that it would be foolish for consumers to put off action? No one wants to feel like they’re being left out of something. This can often be done by showing the negative consequences of not acting in a timely manner. Remember, the key to nailing this personality is playing on the time-crunch you’re creating for your consumer. Make them feel it’s now or never.
  7. Mystique: Everybody loves a little mystery. The mystique personality is always holding back a little, making you work for it. Don’t say it all at once; this makes what you do say carry more weight and be more actively listened to. Mystique brings the consumer to you with less fear of losing them. When consumers come to you of their own free will, they’re a lot less likely to turn around the second you give them the full spiel. This is about creating a compelling brand experience that moves consumers forward but also keeps them coming back. It’s the masquerade of the personalities; you can’t wait to see who and what is underneath.


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