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A new "reality" for online videos
by kburke 29/04/2015 0 comm

Augmented Reality – A New “Reality” for Online Videos

As a forward-looking video production company in Orange County, IDR Productions consistently pushes into the furthest frontiers of website video production and social media video production. Among the most intriguing discoveries we’ve made is augmented reality. Indeed, numerous marketers are giving brands eye-grabbing pizzazz with this fascinating digital innovation.      What is Augmented Reality? […]

Camera Shots & Angles Everyone in Production Should Know online video strategy
by kburke 24/04/2015 0 comm

3 Essentials to Your Online Video Strategy

As one of the premier video production companies in Orange County, IDR productions is constantly developing new ways to maximize the impact of website video productions and social media productions. The following are three key ingredients of our success formula when it comes to an online video strategy. Use them to your advantage. #1 Think […]

Infomercials: 3 Reasons Why You Just Can’t Look Away!
by kburke 24/03/2015 0 comm

Infomercials: 3 Reasons Why You Just Can’t Look Away!

Go on, admit it … You might snicker and sneer the second an infomercial lights up your TV screen. But deep inside, something commands you to watch. Resistance is useless, my friends. Nothing can keep you from gluing your peepers on that video message. Go on, try. You just can’t do it. Such magnetism is […]

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