Infomercials: 3 Reasons Why You Just Can’t Look Away!
Mar 24, 2015

Infomercials: 3 Reasons Why You Just Can’t Look Away!

Go on, admit it … You might snicker and sneer the second an infomercial lights up your TV screen. But deep inside, something commands you to watch. Resistance is useless, my friends. Nothing can keep you from gluing your peepers on that video message. Go on, try. You just can’t do it.

Such magnetism is a good thing to have when promoting products. And infomercial productions have it in abundance. Why such irresistible appeal? Looked at from a variety angles, infomercials score high for the following reasons:   

Seeing is Believing It’s hard to ignore a super juicer that transforms ordinary farm produce into spectacular smoothies, up close and personal on your video screen. Or the miraculous self-cleaning dust mop. An infomercial production does what all marketing dreams of – backs up all those claims with solid, eyewitness evidence. Now that’s an attention getter!

The Whole Story The beauty of DRTV, even when limited to one or two minutes is this: it covers all the bases. Packed into your production is everything from the above-mentioned demo to glowing testimonials to fantastic offers that drive people straight to their phones or computer screens.

Calculated Appeal – DRTV marketers are particularly adept at matching budgets with ROI. Locked in their heads are things like proven approaches, price points, costs, all of which will be brewed together to create maximum appeal.

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