Don’t Force Customers to Play Video Hide n’ Seek
Sep 30, 2015

Don’t Force Customers to Play Video Hide n’ Seek

As an Orange County video production company, IDR recognizes the supreme law of online marketing — videos must be found before they can be seen. Oh sure, website visitors have instant access to your brand vids. But what happens during searches? If you or your location is hidden somewhere in cyberspace, customers must play video hide n’ seek to find you. And that can take eons. Seriously, who has that kind of patience?

Much more productive are videos that show up good n’ quick in search sessions. Here are several search-enhancers that will help your video do exactly that.

Load Up on the Metadata

Video metadata consists of title, description, and tags. At first glance, these fields may seem like trivial throwaways. But believe it or not (and you better believe), they carry some major weight when it comes to searchability. If you want better results, cover these fields as thoroughly as possible.

When loading in metadata info, it’s imperative to include your brand’s video keywords and phrases. These are what you want to be found for, right? Turning them into metadata strengthens your signal to search engine radar.

Found and Clicked

A description of your video is particularly important since this text typically appears in search results. Invest the necessary time to craft a catchy, intriguing description that makes you irresistibly clickable.

The Mini-Billboard

Thumbnails, too, contribute to searchability. A thumbnail represents your video to the viewing world. In effect, they are mini-billboards showcasing your brand to potential customers. Given the importance of thumbnails, be sure your image is clear and consistent with your brand. Also bear in mind that a thumbnail image must reflect actual content. Otherwise, you’re misleading audiences. And guess what that does to your brand.

If you have questions or thoughts about creating searchable videos, please leave us your comments.

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