DRTV for the Demanding
Oct 19, 2015

DRTV for the Demanding

DRTV isn’t what it used to be. As with virtually anything and everything in the marketing universe, the medium is changing with blistering speed. What are the forces spurring this evolution? Let’s start with television itself.

The big TV game-changer is Video on Demand (VOD). Once an entertainment novelty, VOD is turning viewing habits upside down. Had to happen. Fewer of us want to cover monstrous cable TV costs. Which, by the way, are going up, up, up. Millennials are particularly reluctant to shell out hard-earned bucks for old-school cable.

And why should they, or anybody else for that matter? Streaming favorites like Netflix and Hulu feed video appetites much more economically. And they offer Video on Demand, thereby satisfying a growing hunger for instant content. People want their video, and they want it now. With a few taps or clicks, they’ve got it.

For DRTV marketers, Video on Demand means new opportunities galore. The door is now open for short-form DRTV ads targeting the growing VOD audiences. Many marketers already have jumped in. Since 2009, advertising spend for Video on Demand has been rising steadily. Expect continued climbing for the rest of this year and next.

Yes, DRTV will have to adapt to Video on Demand. But the effort will bring definite rewards. For instance, DRTV ads integrated with VOD likely will boost brand exposure. That’s because VOD viewers spend more time watching their beloved videos – and they tend to watch more of the accompanying commercials. These, of course, must be tailored to VOD tastes. But it can be done. And think about this – all that media is streaming continuously round the clock every day of the year.

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