Engagement, Anyone?
Sep 16, 2015

Engagement, Anyone?

Engagement, engagement, engagement … the words ring out constantly throughout every video production company in Orange County … and beyond. You’ve got to engage the customer. Engage or be sorry. It’s the age of engage. OK, we’re saturated. It’s time for a little understanding.

In a nutshell (or eggshell, depending on your nutritional preferences), engagement is a holding of consumer interest for an extended period of time. This, of course, can be a subjective thing. But we’ll agree that extended means something beyond 5.2 seconds. Nice round number. At any rate, engaged people are people who hang around, watch your video, read your blog, prowl your web pages. You’ve got ‘em, baby! Now what’ll you do with ‘em?

Stop all that head-scratching … please! Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to convert all that wide-eyed interest into some kind of brand value or desire to buy. Engagement has set the stage. Now it’s time for action. (But that’s a whole other topic. Coming soon.)

If you’re questioning the validity of engagement … if you’re still a stickler for the quick assault, you might consider what Exponential Interactive had to say on the subject of engagement:

  • A hefty 57% of people who view a brand video are more confident about buying a product.
  • Campaigns focused on engagement can generate as much as 10% more interaction from viewers.
  • Engaged viewers spend about a minute checking out brand content.

And here’s the kicker —

Video nearly doubles viewer ‘dwell time’ and increases the likelihood of website browsing by 600%.

Whatever you do, don’t send viewers to your website right off the bat. Instead, create a relevant experience people will remember. For example, an automobile video could lead car shoppers to a virtual showroom, where they can explore the latest models. Don’t worry. If you play your cards right, they’ll reach your website soon enough.

If you have questions or thoughts about engaging viewers with brand videos, please leave us your comments.

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