Experts See Media Merger Looming
Jun 29, 2015

Experts See Media Merger Looming

All those screens. All those viewers. So why so pointlessly separate? Something’s gotta give. Well, it’s about to. Screens large and small, broadcast and digital, will be merging in a unified marketing front. At least, that’s the expectation of many industry heavyweights.

A recent survey from Videology revealed what many marketers now see — the inevitable link-up of TV video marketing and digital video marketing. And they see it happening very, very soon.

The survey asked 150 advertisers, media companies, and agencies about the possibility of such a link-up. Almost 70% of the participants believed a union was likely or very likely. And the belief is driving major action. Within three years, those surveyed planned to build strategies around the looming media merger.

The writing is on the wall, big and clear. Just look at the direction of digital ad spend. Nielsen reports that TV now pulls in 57% of ad bucks. But digital has been closing the gap fast — particularly since the first three quarters of 2013 when online ads comprised 32% of adverting expenditures. Fueling much of digital mania are bargain rates – online advertising generally takes a smaller bite out of budgets than TV video does.

Make no mistake about it. TV is still a powerhouse. But digital will continue gaining ground. TV advertisers will have to respond. Fortunately, the majority of marketers see both sides playing the game together — the surest way to a win-win outcome.

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