You’re Not Really Doing THAT with Video!
Jun 15, 2015

You’re Not Really Doing THAT with Video!

Stop! Are you really doing that with video? You know what I’m talking about …You don’t? OK, well in the world of video production, there are lots of things you do – and certain things you don’t. Amazingly, far too many marketers commit the don’ts. So for your edification and future success, here are 3 glaring don’t do’s of video production. Avoid them at all costs.

#1 Be Ignorant. Groping in the dark is the last place you want to be when major ROI is on the line. True, video marketing is new territory for many of you. But everything is new at some point. Solution? Plug in and learn. There are absolutely no excuses for being video-clueless. If you hide in the dark, you’ll definitely fall way behind the growing number of video-savvy brands.

#2 Under-Invest. Creating a video marketing campaign for your brand will take energy, time — and yes, funding. If you’re weak in any of these areas, you can count on weak results. Skimping is for dieters not video marketers.

#3 Put the Cart Before the Horse. Along with under-investing, misplaced priorities can wreak havoc with your video marketing campaign. Yes, yes, video is kicking butt online, offline, and everywhere in between. But don’t get so goggle-eyed over the technology that you make it a priority. Throw your main energies into video content that pulls like a tractor beam, turns up the volume of your brand, and drives your message deep.

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