Three Flavors of DRTV Pudding
Oct 27, 2015

Three Flavors of DRTV Pudding

‘The proof is in the pudding’… This well-worn saying definitely has its place in the world of DRTV. Claims and boasts are all part of the game, of course. But you’ve got to back up the bluster with rock-solid proof. Otherwise, credibility plummets. While various types of proof can have an impact on DRTV audiences, the following three are among the most effective.

Explain Yourself

You say your product or service is the best on the planet? Fine. But what exactly does that mean to all those viewers? Practically zero until you explain how and why you’re king of the hill. This means you must provide details of your brand advantages and generously support with examples. Also include facts and figures that further strengthen your position. The more evidence presented, the more convincing you’ll be.

Customers Speak Louder Than Hosts

While your host likely will do a fair share of persuading, nothing convinces like real-life customers. For that reason, testimonials are crucial to the success of your DRTV production. When capturing testimonials, steer clear of generalities such as, “I think it’s great!” or “You’re product is amazing!” Far more effective are customer statements that showcase specific product advantages. Therefore,  testimonials should reveal a customer’s problem, how the product or service solved the problem, and what the results were. (i.e. whiter smile, more energy, better tasting blueberry pancakes, etc.).

Products in Action

Demonstrations are perhaps the most convincing proof in the DRTV pudding. A longtime staple of both infomercials and commercial spots, demonstrations include a customer’s actual use of a product and the life-changing results. It’s hard to argue with that!

Well there you have it – three winning strategies for your infomercial or commercial spot. Implemented with DRTV content, they can dramatically boost brand credibility and audience response levels.

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