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4 Best Types of Video to Launch Your Product--IDR Productions

4 Best Types of Videos to Launch Your Product

It takes a painstakingly long time to perfect your product or service. Once you’ve got it down, you couldn’t be more excited to get it out to the market and your consumers. But when you’re marketing your latest launch, how can you excite consumers into action? The answer is a series of online videos each […]

Why YouTube Must Be In Your Marketing Plan
by kburke 07/03/2016 0 comm

Why YouTube Must Be in Your Marketing Plan

If only you had a magic lamp that allowed you the three wishes of video marketers: Greater engagement An expanded reach Increased video views Well, you may lack the lamp, but you can still release the genie and get what you’re after. The key is YouTube. There’s no question that YouTube belongs in your video […]

Should You Hire a Professional Video Production Company?
by kburke 25/01/2016 0 comm

Should You Hire a Professional Video Production Company?

Video marketing has busted loose from the confines of TV and is proliferating across a multitude of online channels. For brands and businesses already on board with the medium, video has proven an unstoppable tool for expanding reach, engaging viewers, increasing leads, and ultimately boosting sales. For those who are new to video marketing campaigns […]

Profit with a Solid Online-DRTV Connection
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Profit from a Solid Online-DRTV Connection

What is the most common course of action for people who respond to DRTV commercials? No, their fingers don’t fly to the nearest phone to place a call. According to industry statistics, more than 50% of these responders jump to the advertiser’s website. Their objective? Dive deeper for more product info. Given the magnetic power […]

Can You Predict DRTV Success?

Can You Predict DRTV Success?

How do you reduce the risk of uncertainty when rolling out a DRTV campaign? Many, if not most, marketers rely on some sort of forecasting methodology, one of the most prominent being DRTV testing. Getting a preview of audience response, according to a common belief, provides marketers with a fairly accurate way to judge the […]

Put Your DRTV Campaign on the Right Track
by kburke 16/12/2015 0 comm

Put Your DRTV Campaign on the Right Track

Once a DRTV campaign is underway, marketers naturally want to know the score. This generally means tracking inbound traffic. For many years, the preferred tracking channel was the phone call. The more voice responses pouring in, the better. Or so the thinking went. But times have changed. The once-mighty phone call is now sharing the […]

humor gets people to like you
by kburke 02/11/2015 0 comm

From Chuckles to Ka-Ching!

Orange County video production is a laughing matter. At least, it should be. Through the ages, humor has been a formidable selling tool. Merchants, orators, politicians, educators, and countless others have won people over with well-placed comic touches. It’s all about comedy’s entertainment value, right? That’s what hooks viewers. True up to a point. But […]

Theater of the Tweet
by kburke 23/10/2015 0 comm

Theater of the Tweet

These days, it’s nearly impossible to find an Orange County video production company that isn’t tuned into social media. IDR certainly is. And we’ve just discovered some interesting goings-on in the world of Twitter videos. According to research conducted by Ace Metrix, the most effective Twitter vids have a solid entertainment component. The least successful […]

4 Ways DRTV Builds Better Brands

Building your brand? DRTV can help in a big way – and not just for sales. Here’s how. New Customer Magnet. If you’re targeting new customers, expand your reach better and further with DRTV. According to TiVo Research and Analytics, TV ads trump digital media when it comes to driving new sales. It’s all about […]

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