Theater of the Tweet
Oct 23, 2015

Theater of the Tweet

These days, it’s nearly impossible to find an Orange County video production company that isn’t tuned into social media. IDR certainly is. And we’ve just discovered some interesting goings-on in the world of Twitter videos.

According to research conducted by Ace Metrix, the most effective Twitter vids have a solid entertainment component. The least successful are those focused on communication. Does this mean ditch the information and cram your video full of comedy, drama, music, and dancing? Absolutely not. What it does mean, however, is that videos must strike a balance between the two extremes. Entertainment and information in equal portions. That’s your best guarantee of keeping eyeballs glued to your video from start to finish.

Forget the quickie looks. They’re practically worthless. Videos have the greatest impact on audiences that stick around until the end. The Ace Matrix study admirably backs this is up. According to their research, video ads with strong completion rates were 50% more likely to be considered attention grabbing. Moreover, they are 75% more likeable than those with high audience drop-off.

The research revealed other success indicators, as well. For instance, the best performing videos introduced an early hook, with 81% of the most successful ads flashing a hook within the first ten seconds. As expected, these hooks piqued viewer curiosity and interest, two forces that keep audiences on board until the end.

The most effective hooks feature strong visual elements and/or a popular celebrity. According to the study, 45% the best-performing Twitter ads utilized celebrities, more than half of them pro athletes.

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