Create, Grab n’ Hold Online Videos
Jun 04, 2015

Create, Grab n’ Hold Online Videos

You don’t become a leading Orange County online video production company without knowing the difference between TV and online video ads. You don’t think there’s a difference? Try showing a conventional TV commercial online and see what happens. Chances are real good it’ll shrivel. Money down the drain. Endless frustration. Bye-bye budget.

Like it or not, online videos need their own kind of thrust. An unstoppable force that, when properly channeled, ignites branded content that grabs and holds audiences indefinitely. That thrust is good ol’ entertainment.

True, TV commercials have long used humor, wit, drama, or suspense to entertain. But the pizzazz typically is a side trip before the ad drives its way to the brand message. For online videos, however, entertainment is top dog. Brand message is a secondary consideration.

So how do you ensure a brand message has sufficient entertainment thrust? Here are two essentials to keep in mind.

First, a branded video must be glue, holding audiences for as long as possible. Capturing attention just isn’t enough. Consumers need to cozy up to your brand; spend time with it and get fired up enough to share your content far and wide. Infusions of humor and drama won’t cut it. What’s needed is a precise understanding of your target audience. Once you’ve cracked this code, you can tune video content to their precise frequency.

Secondly, do some self-examination. Look deep within your brand and uncover answers to questions such as — What is your product really about? Where is its muscle? What makes it appealing to your target audience? You’ll be surprised at the answers that emerge. But the effort will be more than worth the lengthy introspection. The knowledge gained can be beautifully synced with your audience profiles to create block-rockin’, ‘I-just-can’t-turn-away’ video content.

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