What Makes an Effective Infomercial?
Dec 10, 2015

What Makes an Effective Infomercial?

As with any other type of advertising, infomercials don’t always hit a home run with the buying public. In fact, many just strike out. While outcomes depend on any number of variables, successful infomercials usually have certain features in common. They don’t guarantee a marketing triumph, of course. But these features do increase your chances of infomercial success. They are as follows:

Fascinating HistoryInfomercials often trace the origins of product, relating in legendary detail how it came into being. The tale might go something like this: One day, an ordinary woman tires of constantly tipping over her wine goblets. So she invents the ‘steady-glass’, with a special balancing base that prevents toppling. Wine spills become a thing of the past.

Proof Positive – Anyone can boast and brag about product advantages. Eventually, however, somebody has to walk the walk. This means presenting a convincing product demo. Even if the product is ridiculously simple, someone – spokesperson or otherwise – must prove it really delivers.

Testimonials – Typically presented after the demonstration, testimonials reveal the personal product experiences of real-life customers. The primary message is how that new wrinkle-free coast somehow transformed the customer’s life for the better.

Simplicity – When it’s time to make an offer, a good infomercial keeps it simple and specific. Confusing offers will dampen the chances of even the best products.

Sense of Urgency – Infomercials must create a sense of urgency to pull in the undecided. They do so by setting time limits – “Buy in the next five minutes, and you get a second ‘steady glass’ free!” The incentives may vary, but they all have a single purpose – get viewers to jump for the phone or company website.

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