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Hidden Powers of Online Video Ads
by kburke 04/04/2016 0 comm

Studies Reveal Hidden Powers of Online Video Ads

For eons, it seems, advertisers have harnessed the power of online video ads to boost brand awareness. And to no one’s surprise, these videos delivered – viewers knew all about your products and services thanks to the unstoppable force of online exposure. What many marketers didn’t know, however, is that online brand videos contained many […]

How To Capture Micro Moments With Video Marketing
by kburke 22/03/2016 0 comm

How to Capture Micro Moments with Video Marketing

In the contemporary marketing sphere, the consumer journey is comprised of fleeting micro moments – a brief interval of time providing quick information that can be absorbed or acted upon instantaneously. Internet users, particularly those connected to mobile devices, have come to expect these instant info-deliveries. It’s part of the experience. Video on a Personal […]

Why YouTube Must Be In Your Marketing Plan
by kburke 07/03/2016 0 comm

Why YouTube Must Be in Your Marketing Plan

If only you had a magic lamp that allowed you the three wishes of video marketers: Greater engagement An expanded reach Increased video views Well, you may lack the lamp, but you can still release the genie and get what you’re after. The key is YouTube. There’s no question that YouTube belongs in your video […]

5 Types of Video for Social Media Marketing
by kburke 15/02/2016 0 comm

5 Types of Video for Social Media Marketing

Before 2015 reached its close, Facebook visitors were watching an average of four billion videos each day. Four billion! That number represents four times the viewing rate posted in 2014. Confronted by swelling demand, Facebook has been redesigning its infrastructure to improve the process of loading and watching videos. While these intensive efforts ultimately will […]

3 Ways to Create Impactful Video Content
by kburke 08/02/2016 0 comm

3 Ways to Create Impactful Video Content

It’s practically front page news … online video marketing is hotter than a meteor shower. Look around, and you’ll likely see at least one devotee glued to a mobile device, feasting on a banquet of YouTube masterpieces. Yes, people are devouring video. How large are their appetites? Well, on YouTube alone, users are uploading 72 […]

Sequential Video Marketing
by kburke 01/02/2016 0 comm

Sequential Video Marketing

Optimize Engagement with Sequential Video Marketing Marketers seeking long-term relationships with any customer sector can benefit tremendously from sequential video marketing. As the name implies, sequential video marketing is a strategy that delivers a continuous message or story through a series of static ads or videos. Ad content is delivered one at a time during […]

Should You Hire a Professional Video Production Company?
by kburke 25/01/2016 0 comm

Should You Hire a Professional Video Production Company?

Video marketing has busted loose from the confines of TV and is proliferating across a multitude of online channels. For brands and businesses already on board with the medium, video has proven an unstoppable tool for expanding reach, engaging viewers, increasing leads, and ultimately boosting sales. For those who are new to video marketing campaigns […]

Facebook Mobile Video Content Marketing: You in?
by kburke 18/01/2016 0 comm

Facebook Mobile Video Content Marketing: You in?

Blink and you’ll miss something important! That’s how fast changes are sweeping through the rapidly-evolving world of video content marketing. From conventional broadcast commercials to direct response advertising, video marketing campaigns are proliferating. Hot to capitalize on opportunity, brands are jumping onto the video bandwagon in a big way. Large and small, companies are grabbing […]

Profit with a Solid Online-DRTV Connection
by kburke 04/01/2016 0 comm

Profit from a Solid Online-DRTV Connection

What is the most common course of action for people who respond to DRTV commercials? No, their fingers don’t fly to the nearest phone to place a call. According to industry statistics, more than 50% of these responders jump to the advertiser’s website. Their objective? Dive deeper for more product info. Given the magnetic power […]

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